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We have gathered all of the questions asked over the past few years and have put them here for you. Hopefully it will help answer your questions.

Q. How do you play a Murder Mystery Game?
A. Once you receive your game, you will find a party planner, invitations, name tags or place settings, a cassette tape (not included in the Mysteries by Vincent games), secret clues and player manuals. The party planner will help you plan everything from mailing out the invitations to a time-table on when to start the party to recipes if you are going to go the full dinner menu route. Once your guests arrive, they are given their player manuals (please don't give them out in advance). After each guest has a chance to read their character, they will introduce themselves as their character, and the game begins. Depending on the game you have chosen, you will either start reading a script or just start asking questions from the "Clues to Reveal" section of the players manual. The game continues as a conversation of questions and answers between the characters until all information has been revealed. This process will continue for 4 rounds. After all of the rounds have been played, the suspects will try to solve the mystery and the true murderer is revealed.

Q. How long will the game take to play?
A. Allow 2 hours if you are not planning on serving dinner, 3 to 4 depending on the dinner menu.

Q. Do I have to use the menus provided?
A.No, the games are not dependent on the meal. This is just a little extra the game companies include to help with the party planning.

Q. I am looking for a Murder Mystery Game for more than 10 guests. Do you know where I can find one?
A. We currently carry all Murder Mystery Games produced that have the quality our customers have come to expect. We only carry games where your guests are the actual suspects. 

Q. I'm looking in my area for stores that carry the Murder Mystery Games. Can you tell me who carries them in my area?
A. The companies don't give us that information. We are a retail outlet just like your local store.

Q. Where can I find what is included in the kits?
A. At the beginning of each group of games you will find what is included in the kits.

Q. I noticed that the Mysteries by Vincent games don't come with cassette tapes or CD's like the other games. Why is that?
A.The main reason for the audio for the games is to start the mystery with some type of police report. Mysteries by Vincent games come with a written police report to start the mystery, they found that it was sometimes hard to understand the person on the tape and decided to eliminate this problem. This also give your guests the opportunity to go back and refer to the police report as needed.  

Q. I am interested in ordering a murder mystery game for a dinner party; do they include invitations and a suggested cuisine to be served?
A. The "Murder A'la Carte" by Bepuzzled, "How to Host ..." games from Decipher, and Mysteries by Vincent include invitations and envelopes, which include a list of characters and their costume suggestions and a party planner. The "Murder A'la Carte" by Bepuzzled  & "How to Host ..." games from Decipher include menu suggestions with recipes.   All companies want to make this as effortless as possible on the host and include everything you need to plan the party.

Q. If I host one of the Murder Mystery Party games, can I also play?
A. Yes, by all means count yourself in as one of the suspects. The solution to the crime is found in the player's manual, although it is not revealed until the end of the game. That way everyone is a suspect until the end.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, please email us.  We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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