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Honky Tonk Homicide
You Lucky Redneck! You're Invited to a "Texas Style" Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

It's last call for someone at Bubba's Bar in Cactus, Texas... A nasty murder investigation sure can disrupt karaoke Night, especially when everyone in town is a suspect! So, put on a clean shirt, lock up the trailer, and hop in the truck. You don't want to miss this party!
Twyla Fleetwood Twyla owns the Cactus Court Trailer Park. She is a no nonsense business woman who keeps to herself. Her Y2K bunker is her pride and joy.
Costume Suggestion: You might like a fancy western outfit that reflects your wealth and taste. You might also wear a housecoat, a mud mask, hare in roller, and slippers.
Carney Folk A sleazy carnival worker passing through town. He's a stranger in Cactus Texas. Under his rough and filthy exterior is an angry young man with a secret motive. When women pass Carney on the street, they clutch their children and their purses a little tighter.
Costume Suggestion: Torn overalls, grease or dirt smeared on you face or wear a ripped t-shirt and torn jeans.
Sheriff Sissy Wesson Try to dress like a western cop. where blue jeans tucked into cowboy boots and a cowboy hat with a silver star on it. Thy a cop's utility belt with handcuffs, a club, and a fake gun. Buy or make a sheriff's badge to wear on your shirt.
Costume Suggestion: A sexy woman who is as beautiful as she is dangerous. She beat out the other "good old boys" in Cactus for her powerful job. She is feared and respected by everyone in town. She doesn't socialize with anyone in town.
Rowdy Lawless A member of the feared "Angels of Hades" biker gang. he has a bad temper and a fierce glare. He considers his many scars and tattoos badges of honer for a man who lives on the wrong side of the law.
Costume Suggestion: You are bad to the bone in your leather biker gear with Harley Davidson logos. Your many tattoos and scars are trophies of your criminal past. You are a tough biker.
Rev. Jim Bob Eternity Rev. Jim Bob is a bible thumping fire and brimstone preacher. He and his wife, mary Kay, turned the old skating rink into their cable access TV studio and started broadcasting. Reverend Jim Bob is a shrewd business man who mixes his good old boy charm with snake oil salesman marketing tactics. He adores his wife, Mary Kay
Costume Suggestion: Dress down in a black suite and a simple tie. Carry your bible and a handkerchief with you to the party. Take a fake microphone with you.
Mary Kay Eternity Reverend Jim Bob's wife and TV sidekick. She is a loud woman who often embarrasses Jim Bob in public. Being a respectable preacher's wife is a daily struggle for Mary Kay. She is well liked by everyone in Cactus.
Costume Suggestion: You are a TV star! You have big hair, loud clothes, huge jewelry, thick makeup with lots of eye shadow and mascara. You tend to cry often when you are moved by the spirit! Carry a bible and microphone. You love to sing.
Dusty Diamond Dusty is a hometown boy with big dreams of becoming a Country & Western superstar. He's saving every penny he earns to buy a one way ticket to Nashville, TN. Until then, Dusty is hosting Karaoke night at Bubba's Bar.
Costume Suggestion: Wear a flashy western shirt, cowboy hat, western boots. Bring a guitar or a Karaoke machine so that you can entertain the crowd when the mood hits you!
Crystaline Daniels Crystaline is a sexy young barmaid at Bubba's Bar. She is also known as the town tramp. Crystaline is a local beauty who uses and abuses many married and single men in Cactus.
Costume Suggestion: Since your are the town tramp, dress as sleazy as you can stand with fake tattoos, high heels, cut off short-shorts, cleavage, etc.

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