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Lethal Luau
Aloha and welcome to Hawaii. It was a sunset luau on a Hawaiian beach to celebrate Chase Diamond's 33rd birthday. Chase a private eye with his own Maui-based detective agency, wa a man willing to take big risks to get results for his clients. He also had a reputation for romancing too many ladies at the same time. In a celebrating mood, he raised his glass to toast his friends. He took one swallow and immediately fell to the ground...stone cold dead. It was not just a case of having had one-too-many drinks... Chase's Mai Tai had been spiked with deadly poison. It is a clear case of murder and you are one of the suspects.

Nadia Seymour A sexy swimsuit model who has just finished a photo-shoot and is vacationing in Maui before returning to the fashion runways of New York.
Costume Suggestion: Two-piece bikini, beach cover-up, dark sunglasses, tanning oil, beach towel and romance novel.
Joey Breakers Known as 'Bo-Jo', this bodacious surfer dude is seeking the ultimate wave. He also worked odd jobs for his college buddy Chase.
Costume Suggestion: Faded beach shorts, T-shirt, designer shades, colored sunscreen on nose. Surf board optional.
Holly Day A wealthy socialite sailing the South Seas with her husband in their seventy foot yacht.
Costume Suggestion: Holly is meticulous about her appearance. Even in casual summer wear, she looks elegant and wealthy.
Chief Honikaua Wiki-Wiki Pronounced: HO-nee kow-ah we-KEE-we-KEE (loosely translated means "kiss me quick"). A direct decendent of a royal Polynesian family, Chief Wiki-Wiki stays true to ancient customs and notions of justice.
Costume Suggestion: Traditional Polynesian ceremonial costume, including head-dress, feathers and face paint.
Leilani This innocent-looking Hawaiian hula dancer is a popular entertainer at island hotels. She create a special dances for Chase in honor of his birthday.
Costume Suggestion: raditional grass skirt, bikini top, flower lei's, anklets and bare feet.
Les Baggs A camera-totting, befuddled and bumbling tourist. While he can't seem to do anything right, his sweetness inspires sympathy from the Islanders.
Costume Suggestion: Bright, colorful Hawaiian shirt, mis-matched shorts, at least two cameras, maps, tourist guides, beat-up straw hat and bandage on foot.
Lavender Koi This reclusive farmer cares more about lettuce varieties then having friends. For her, the success of her Koi Cooperative farm comes above all else.
Costume Suggestion:Dusty overalls, a straw hat, flowers and leaves in hair.
Rip Tide Rip is a daring scuba diving instructor who has traveled the world and knowns how to make a mean mojito.
Costume Suggestion: Wet suite or swimming trunks, snorkel and fins. Scuba gear optional.

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