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Here are some suggestions from customers on what they did to accommodate more guests than the games provide characters.

1. The most common recommendation I've been getting is to double up characters. Since the games are divided into 4 rounds, the two players can alternate speaking between rounds. Example, one guest may speak in rounds 1 and 3 and the other in rounds 2 and 4. This is also a very good idea if you are not sure how many people will be attending. If you have the characters doubled and someone doesn't show, you will still have enough players to play the game.

2. For a very large group, use our new Mystery Skit-KitsTM or  split the group into smaller teams. All teams will play the same game or different games at the same time letting everyone be a character. You will be able to control the game play, keeping all groups at the same place, by taking breaks between rounds. This will require a game for each group.

3. For just a couple of extra people, you can have them dress up to fit the scene of the party and they can play as observers. They won't have speaking parts but they can participate in the questioning between rounds and in the acquisition round where everyone gets to guess the murderer.

4. A camp group made a weekend out of it by using the staff members to play the parts of the suspects and have the guests try to figure out who did it. They played the game themselves a couple of nights before the "big production" so they would be familiar with their roles and get their clues together. The played the western Bullets and Barbecue so Friday night when everyone had arrived, they turned the lights out and fired a gun. The lights went back on and the audience saw the sheriff shot dead. The rest of the weekend the guests found clues and were able to talk with the suspects as they walked around camp. (The staff stayed dressed as their characters the entire weekend). Saturday night at the big dinner, the guests had the chance to ask more questions and figure out who was the murderer.

5. One customer plays the games for a family birthday party every year. She has the costumes and props all ready for the guests so no one knows who or what they will be prior to the party. She had two adjoining rooms set up, each with a game, and splits up the couples so that no husband and wife are in the same room. So she basically has two different games going on at the same time. She thinks its much better to play that way because everyone gets to play a different character.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how they accommodated more characters, please email your suggestions to us and we will add them to this page.

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