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Murder at Mardi Gras
The honor of your presence is requested at the annual Krewe of Midas Masquerade Ball. Our King, Pierre DuPre, and his Queen, Velvyt DuPre, look forward to seeing you at their Garden District Mansion for what is always the social highlight of the New Orleans mardi Gras!

There's a big mystery in the Big Easy when the Krewe of Midas King, Pierre DuPre, is murdered! Which one of his "friends" or family is the killer? You are in for an evening to remember! Masks and costumes are optional, but everyone ill have something to hide.
Velvyt DuPre You met your husband, Pierre DuPre, in Las Vegas. Pierre was in town for a slot machine tournament and you were working cocktail waitress when you met.
Costume Suggestion: You are a Vegas tramp with too much money and no taste or style. Dress appropriately in a flashy outfit that is as trampy as it is tacky. Go for it!
Julip DuPre You are the only child of Pierre DuPre and Honey DuPre and also the reigning Magnolia Queen.
Costume Suggestion: You are a southern bell. Wear a ball gown with your tiara or a flashy Mardi Gras outfit. You might also wear a feathered mask and gloves.
Yvette St. Charles You are a third generation live in maid at DuPre Chateau. The DuPre and The St. Charles families traveled together from France and settled in New Orleans. You love to gossip.
Costume Suggestion: A French maid costume would be the obvious choice. If you don't have a made costume, a little black dress or any outfit with an apron would be appropriate. Bring a feather duster as a prop.
Gothica You are the internationally famous author, Gothika. Your series of books have been made you a multi-millionaire.
Costume Suggestion: All black! A long black dress or black pants outfit. A black long wig and gothic style makeup. Scary jewelry!
Gator Beudreaux You grew up on the Bayou St. Jon and your family is 100% proud Cajun! You are Julip DuPre's fiance and you are in love and plan to get married!
Costume Suggestion: You are a "swamp rat" and a law student, so you can borrow from both worlds. Overalls and big rubber boots. A preppy college outfit mixed with a fisherman/outdoorsman outfit. Bring a net, a fishing pole, law books, etc.
Bourbon Dupre Your mother wa a burlesque dancer in the French Quarter. Your parents were engaged to be married when Jean Luc DuPre died mysteriously at the Mardi Gras party at DuPre Chateau.
Costume Suggestion: Anything from a tuxedo to a simple slacks and shirt would be appropriate. You may wear an outrageous Mardi Gras costume with gold, purple or green colors. Express your creativity!
Beauregard Jackson You are the DuPre Family's personal attorney and Pierre DuPre's best friend. You are also Julip DuPre's Godfather.
Costume Suggestion: A slick southern lawyer might wear a seersucker suit with suspenders. You may also dress in a simple suit. Carry a briefcase with "important" looking papers. A can would be very dapper for a southern gentleman to carry. A dressy straw hat is also appropriate. Don't forget your Mardi Gras mask, this is a masquerade ball!
Cayenne Remoulade You are the DuPre Family's live in chef. Mr. DuPre paid your way through the Dixie Culinary Institute. In exchange, you signed a legal contract agreeing to work as Mr. DuPre's live-in chef for ten years!
Costume Suggestion: A chef outfit with an apron and/or a chef hat. Remember, your motto is "Turn up the heat!". Bring props and other things that relate to your T.V. personality!

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