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Murder on Misty Island
** Note: In this game, the character who is playing the part of the murderer will know they are the murderer at the beginning of the game. **

What motive in the mist?
June 23, 1985
Attorney Stephanie Stephens wa found dead at 7:37 pm this evening on the beach at Misty Island. She and seven of her classmates from Bethlehem University had sailed over to the island earlier today for a class reunion hosted by Gertrud Hesseldorf, their former housemother.

Who could have committed such and act? Was it an old grudge that put Stephanie in danger, or something she discovered more recently? Everyone has their secrets...

Come play your part and smoke out the culprit among your fellow classmates. Don't forget to come in costume.
Gertrud Hesseldorf former housemother for the group at the university. Now retired on Misty Island.
Costume Suggestion: Gray or white wig, cotton print house dress with an apron over it, slippers, glasses on a string.
Dave Bagshaw 5'2" computer genius.
Costume Suggestion: General "geek" look - messy hair, wrinkled clothes, thick glasses, calculator in the pocket.
Melinda Lehman Very glitzy TV actress.
Costume Suggestion: Tight dress, lots of big jewelry, boa, sunglasses, high heels, etc.
Ken Muller runs a chartered fishing boat.
Costume Suggestion: Sailor look - wide striped shirt (red or blue and white), white rolled-up pants, fishing hat, deck shoes.
John Allured mystery/Hollywood script writer.
Costume Suggestion: Very "Hollywood" - dressed ready to hit the clubs - jeans, button-down shirt, dark jacket, sunglasses, ink stains on the fingers.
Kristen Potter Class valedictorian now a housewife.
Costume Suggestion: Soccer mom look - jogging suit and tennis shoes plus apron, oven mitts and knitting bag.
Rick Tuttle Midwest businessman. Biz wiz on vacation!.
Costume Suggestion: Hawaiian shirt, baggy shorts, camera, briefcase (to get some work in).
Monica Gestetner Neurosurgeon.
Costume Suggestion: Doctor's coat or scrubs, stethoscope, gloves, surgical mask, little black bag.

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