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Pasta Passion and Pistols
Four days ago restaurateur Guiseppe (Pepi) Roni was found murdered in the kitchen of his renowned New York City eatery, La Sperenza. Pepi had been shot in the back with his own pistol. Tonight, his family and friends have gathered to pay their respects to poor Pepi and to eat a feast of Italian food in his honor. One of them is a murderer.
Rocco Scarfazzi Pepi's twin brother, a tough-talking no-nonsense Italian business man. In addition to his vineyards and real estate holdings, it is rumored Rocco is in the 'laundering' business. He had no love for his brother Pepi but his reasons are his own ... capische?
Costume Suggestion: Black three-piece suit, white shirt, black hat and cane. Limousine optional.
Tara Misu Tara is Rocco's vivacious young fiancÚ. She was just an upstairs maid in Rocco's villa until she swept him off his feet. Now Tara keeps a smile on his face and a firm grip on Rocco's assets.
Costume Suggestion: Tara is dressed to kill. She knows the effect she has on men and flaunts her charms shamelessly.
Mama Rosa Pepi's grieving widow. For 25 years, Mama Rosa cooked the pasta while Pepi greeted La Sperenza's dinner guests. In all the years they were married, not once did they argue. Had something finally boiled over in Rosa's kitchen?
Costume Suggestion: Mama Rosa is wearing widow's black. Pots and ladling spoons optional.
Marco Roni Pepi and Mama Rosa's only son, Marco was expected to take over the restaurant after his parents retired. Marco hates waiting tables. His goal is to play on a World Cup soccer team but his papa has been keeping him permanently on the bench.
Costume Suggestion: Soccer player's uniform. Waiter's apron optional.
Angel Roni Angel is Pepi and Rosa's beautiful daughter. It was Pepi's dream that his 'Angel' would marry a good Italian boy, have children and carry on the family traditions. Angel has a few fantasies of her own though and one of them is that hunk, Bo Jalais. Mama-mia!
Costume Suggestion: Angel is in mourning so her short leather skirt is black, complemented with a tight black sweater. She loves gold jewelry.
Bo Jalais Cousin of a cousin of Rocco's, Bo manages the Scarfazzi vineyards. Bo comes from a long line of French wine-makers and no one knows 'ze' grape like Bo. An important man in the Scarfazzi organization .... what could Bo possibly have to whine about?
Costume Suggestion: Bo wears a beret and a casual sports jacket over a black t-shirt. Grape-stained fingers and an eye for fine wines complete his ensemble.
Father Al Fredo An Italian priest and long-time family friend of the Roni's and the Scarfazzi's. The good priest has heard their confessions and knows their sins.
Costume Suggestion: Priest's cassock and hat. An overnight bag with at least one bottle of wine (for religious purposes only).
Clair Voyant Rosa's best friend and astrology advisor. Clair's talents include an ability to communicate with the spirit world and see into the future.
Costume Suggestion: Clair wears a gypsy-style gown with excessive makeup. She talks with a husky voice.

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